00 Gauge, Prescot Junction


Modelled by Trevor Powell in 00 gauge, the layout is an homage to his home town near Liverpool.

If the backers of the historic Liverpool to Manchester Railway had not by passed Prescot and St.Helens, Prescot could have been an influential junction serving the area especially with the growing cable industry in the town.

Inspiration came from spotting that Hornby had brought out a Prescot Cable factory coking wagon. I have managed to acquire a dozen from various sources!

Prescot Junction is an attempt to gain more operational interest, correct the decision to route the L&MR through Rainhill as well as reflect the life and scenery of Prescot in the late fifies/early sixties when I fell in love with the railway scene.

Sadly, photographic material is thin on the ground. Unfortunately, Ivo Peters et al decided to put thier efforts elsehwere than into an industrial town in South Lancashire!

Buildings are mainly scratch built from old photos and site visits.


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