LMS Class 4F Locomotive Kettering Steam Shed Plate
Layout name Society Modular Project Model Gauge 'N' Gauge
About the layout The N gauge team are creating a new modular layout. Specifications for this have been written with the intention to seek advice from the local MERG group to ensure compatibility.

The aim is for these specifications to be published outside of the club to allow outside groups / individuals to participate in any running events.

Module Specification data sheet [A PDF viewer such as Acrobat will be required].

Modular N Gauge Case Study : The Snake Bend Railroad

Owner(s) K&DMRS Dimensions 16ft x 2ft
No. Operators 3+ Tables Required tbc
Programme Notes  
Contact In the first instance, please use the website contact page >>>>> and the member(s) responsible will contact you as soon as possible.


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